Ruff Adjustments

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Our Philosophy

As an ABC certified dog trainer (ABCDT) I realize that there are many different techniques and methods used by professional trainers. I have successfully completed a dog training program that would fall into the Balanced Trainer category. My training philosophy is focused on positive reinforcement and negative punishment. While the ABC Dog Training Program is an overwhelmingly positive motivation-based program, it was made clear that it is unlikely that I will be able to desensitize every dog to every possible distraction using positive reinforcement and negative punishment alone. It is important to understand that I do not encourage the use of negative reinforcement or positive punishment. I have been taught that there will be times when limits may need to be set in a general way with the use of negative reinforcement or positive punishment. These methods would only be considered once the dog has a clear understanding of the request, all other methods have been exhausted and the effectiveness of the training program is in jeopardy. Only then, would negative reinforcement or positive punishment be sparingly used and at the lowest level possible.

Positive Reinforcement - the dog works for something he likes.

Negative Reinforcement-the dog works to avoid something he dislikes.

Negative Punishment-the removal of something the dog desires (treat or affection).

Positive Punishment-the addition of a negative consequence (physical correction).